Purple Pebble Pictures aims to be a solid platform for new talent. We’re constantly on the lookout for undiscovered talent across a myriad selection of artists; from directors to scriptwriters to actors and to anyone and everyone critical to the process of filmmaking.

The idea is to provide a platform where talent can be curated, groomed and allowed to excel. The importance of such an avenue in the close-knit film industry is well understood by Priyanka Chopra, having taken an arduous journey to success herself. She also realized that there’s an abundance of talent, but not enough exposure or opportunities, which she aims to change.

If you think you have what it takes, then this is the place for you. Enter your details, and if you fit the bill for any of our upcoming projects, we’ll get in touch with you.


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** For those submitting their application as writers, kindly send your content as a concept note / one pager synopsis. Also while submitting the content to label it FILM or DIGITAL for better segregation. Only share scripts which are registered with the scriptwriters association. E-mail the same to us on

Karan Guiliani

Director - Sarvann

Karan Guiliani made his directorial debut with Sarvann, which was also PPP’s first Punjabi film. His father used to sing a lullaby to him in his childhood. He clearly remembers those visuals, and he would narrate it to his mother, who would then give her inputs. Together, they unknowingly prepared him to be a visual narrator.

Before making his debut with Sarvann, Karan had directed popular television shows, such as India’s Most Wanted and Ankhen and also directed close to 23 music videos. He was the project conceptualiser for a short film project – Candy Man – that was selected for the New York Film Festival 2010. He has also worked with a European based production as the creative head and was Associate Director to movies like “Chess” which was screened at the Cannes Film Festival 2004, and other films including Exitz and Take 3 Girls.

Ishika Gurung

Actor - Pahuna

Ishika Gurung made her acting debut with Pahuna, which was also PPP’s first Sikkimese film.

She aspires to be a scientist and apart from being a great actor, she also has a great academic record having performed meritoriously in NASA Science Olympiad.

Aishwarya Sonar

Actor - Kaay Re Rascala

Aishwarya started working with Purple Pebble Pictures as an Assistant Director for their first movie, Ventilator. She then featured in a music video – “Dream Woman” by the singer Papon. During this time, she got a call from Dr. Madhu Chopra who offered her a role in Kaay Re Rascalaa and asked her to audition for it.

She recollects her most memorable experience and states, "post shooting for Kaay Re Rascalaa when I had a conversation with PC didi (Priyanka Chopra) where I told her I was nervous and she advised me to not be and my first movie will always be the closest to my heart. And that's true. Every second of shooting for Kaay re has been memorable."